Ten questions

What are you wearing at the moment?
My PJ, pink shorts from Victoria Secret and a old grey super cosy shirt.
Facebook, twitter or instagram?
Always, always, ALWAYS instagram.
One thing that would make you happy.
If someone made me a really good breakfast in bed. There isn´t anything better then breakfast.
Name three things you couldn´t live without.
Tea, chocolate and wifi
What do you fall for?
A british accent.
Tell us about your latest obsession.
I wouldn´t call it a obsession, but I´m really into movies with Zoe Kazan at the moment. "Ruby Sparks" and "The pretty one" for example. And I really want to see the new movie "What if" with her and Daniel Radcliffe in the lead.
Name three youtubers you´re subscribed to.
Clothesencounters, Blogilates (with Cassey Ho) and Zoella.
What was your first kiss like?
I remeber it was in the beginning of the summer. We were just about to say bye when he leaned in. And I started to laugh. Yep. Awkard as sh*t. I just couldn´t stop. After I while though I did stop and I guess the kiss turned out okey.
What is your dream?
To be able to work with what I love. Fashion.
Anything else you would like to say?
Nope. Just gonna make some tea.