Nine randoms

What are you wearing?
A blue and white striped top with turtle neck. Black suit pants. Socks with pandas on them.
What are you doing at the moment (except blogging)?
Working on my project about documentaries and drinking hot chocolate.
Reading anything special right now?
I only have a few chapters left of the last book in the Ruby Red triology, Emeral Green. I die, it´s sooo good! I don´t want to do anything else but to read, but at the same time I don´t want it to end.
Did anything special happen today?
We got to try out hats for graduation. I so want to graduate now!
Speaking of graduation. What´s your plan for next fall?
I have wanted to move to London for quite a long time now. My number one plan is to study there. I know a school and a program I want to go to. We´ll just see if everything goes the way I hope it will. Otherwise I might move there to work or something for a while. But who knows, I might change my mind.
Last piece of clothing you bought?
Honestly, I don´t remember... I think it was a white top from Monki. I just haven´t had the time to go shopping. I could really need some new clothes though.
Do you have any special favourites this month you would like to share?
Mom got home with a bag from Lush a couple of weeks ago. And I´m in love with the stuff in it. Snow fairy, a shower gel that smells like candy. I sometimes have to stop myself from not eating it. Hot tody, also a shower gel which is like open a bottle of christmas. So white, is a fresh shower gel that smells like green apples. Love, love, love! Makes me wanna take a bath all the time!
Anything special planned for the week?
My friend Ellen and I got invited to celebrate the two year anniversery of a vintage store called Vintage gamla gatan. We´re planning on going out afterwards for some drinks. I really want to try out some milk drinks, heard they´re good. That´s all plans for now, but it´s only monday so.
Last question. What´s for dinner tonight?
Swedish pancakes with banana and nutella.